The Summer of ’99

I’ll never have a vertical worth remembering.  If in my adult life I reach a point I jump higher than my 5 year old, I will remember it as a lifetime accomplishment.  I do remember a split second of time though that I could have beaten a career Olympian.  I remember that time in the summer of ’99.  I remember that time when Sean Elliott jumped up in the paint to celebrate after Spree missed the final shot.  I remember when little Avery Johnson jumped a little bit higher than Sean after that, though just enough to ensure Sean had to grab him before Avery just kept floating up to the rafters of The Garden.  I remember the jumping role players in the ensuing scrum, guys like Elie, Rose, and Kerr, those that hit enough jump shots and threes to keep the Spurs in the game.  I remember the jumping high fives when Stern proceeded to give the Spurs their first ever Championship Trophy.  I remember Avery jumping into Timmy’s arms as the newcomer was being ordained the Finals MVP.  I remember that it was the day that the San Antonio Spurs jumped from being just an ABA team to a team that may have a future.  I also remember that on that day, I jumped so high in my living room that I brushed the ceiling with my head.  It was the highest I had ever, or will ever jump.


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